[PD] OT: Ir leds

ronni montoya ronni.montoya at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 04:44:16 CEST 2010

Hello everybody, i dont know if here is the correct place to ask, if
anybody know another forum related to this , i will be very happy if
somebody can show me:

Im making an interactive floor and i need to iluminate a space of 4 x
4 meters with ir light.
I been seen there are some ir leds matrix on survillance stores but
they are expensive to my budget, so i was thinking that i can build my
own ir led matrix .
I been seen there are tons of different types of ir leds with
different characteristics.

Do anybody know which ir leds do i need for this?

which model, label or serial number?

Any idea would be appreaciated

thank you very much


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