[PD] problem in compiling puredata_opencv

ydegoyon at gmail.com ydegoyon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 04:05:04 CEST 2010


Adityo Pratomo wrote:
> okay, good news, everything's work yves. thanks a lot. I'm playing 
> with the help file now. anyway, couple questions for 
> [pix_opencv_pgh_compare]:
> 1. why are the images appear at the gemwin is all yellow and black?
there are still some colorspace issues on mac OSX,
actually it's not RGBA, it's GRAB, due to some endianness issues...
mm, we could fix it if we really had any mac OSX but we don't ( lluis 
and me,
lluis's one died and i never had one ).
> 2. does the images and the video from webcam has the same size 
> (320x240 in your help file)
it's not a requisite, the object should be intelligent enough to detect 
any sizes.
> 3. does the referenced image have to appear in the gemwin? Can it be 
> resized to a smaller size? I see that in the video that you give, the 
> referenced image appears in a small size in the corner of the screen, 
> howdid you do it?
well, analyse the patch it's just with a separator,
a translate -2 or +2 and two rectangles,
if you don't want it, just remove one rectangle
( and all its branch ).

> other than those, this object works like a charm. absolutely gorgeous. 
> your the master, hands down :)
the real work is in opencv here..
so thanks to them.

> regards,
> Didit

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