[PD] problem in compiling puredata_opencv

Adityo Pratomo quietdidit at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 10:39:49 CEST 2010

thanks a lot for answering yves. it helps. anyway, i tried it again, without
having to create the image and webcam in the same resolution, but i still
get the same error, saying that it has to be 320 x 240. weird. but i'll take
what you say, and i'll try again tonight.

muchas gracias :)

On Tue, Oct 5, 2010 at 1:05 PM, ydegoyon at gmail.com <ydegoyon at gmail.com>wrote:

> ola,
> Adityo Pratomo wrote:
>> okay, good news, everything's work yves. thanks a lot. I'm playing with
>> the help file now. anyway, couple questions for [pix_opencv_pgh_compare]:
>> 1. why are the images appear at the gemwin is all yellow and black?
> there are still some colorspace issues on mac OSX,
> actually it's not RGBA, it's GRAB, due to some endianness issues...
> mm, we could fix it if we really had any mac OSX but we don't ( lluis and
> me,
> lluis's one died and i never had one ).
>  2. does the images and the video from webcam has the same size (320x240 in
>> your help file)
> it's not a requisite, the object should be intelligent enough to detect any
> sizes.
>  3. does the referenced image have to appear in the gemwin? Can it be
>> resized to a smaller size? I see that in the video that you give, the
>> referenced image appears in a small size in the corner of the screen, howdid
>> you do it?
> well, analyse the patch it's just with a separator,
> a translate -2 or +2 and two rectangles,
> if you don't want it, just remove one rectangle
> ( and all its branch ).
>> other than those, this object works like a charm. absolutely gorgeous.
>> your the master, hands down :)
>>  the real work is in opencv here..
> so thanks to them.
> saludos,
> sevy
>> regards,
>> Didit

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