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> > I do remember that in Desiredata you have to actually
> create the object with <ctrl-Enter> before you are
> able to autoconnect another one, which is an unnecessary
> step.
> Ctrl-Enter doesn't do what you say it does. It introduces a
> newline in the text you are writing. Somehow it used to be
> doing it correctly, but stopped doing it correctly when the
> history feature was added to objectbox edition (there were
> just too many features in DesireData : that one overrode the
> normal use of the up and down arrows. I don't recall why we
> did it like that.)
> a plain Enter terminates the objectbox,

Yes, I got this confused with <ctrl-Enter> from Pd ext.

> which is a lot more
> convenient than taking the mouse and find a spot where
> there's a piece of nothingness you can click on so that your
> objectbox gets made without triggering any other change by
> accident.
> then in DesireData, a box you finished with Enter is also
> automatically selected, and this selection is used in
> determining the origin of the auto-connection done when
> making an objectbox with Ctrl-6 (six).

Well Ctrl-6 doesn't currently do anything _while_ you are editing the 
contents of an object box, right?  I just once I am done typing the name 
of the object I want a shortcut to be able to then immediately hit Ctrl-6 to mean the same as currently hitting Enter, then Ctrl-6.  One less key.


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