[PD] readanysf_duration_speed

august august at alien.mur.at
Tue Oct 12 00:24:18 CEST 2010

>   Hi August,
>   thanks for the clarifications and the formula..
>   only for comments; I like to force readanysf~ with
>   high valors to the speed i mean 20 o 25 ( up of these valors crash the dsP:)

	Cool.  Abuse it, please.    But, what do you mean by crashing dsp?
	Ideally, readanysf~ shouldn't crash, ever.  Please let me know if it

	I'm not sure I understand you correctly.  Does it crash PD all
	together, or does it lock up your DSP?   The later could happen if
	your computer is too slow, I imagine.

	And, just so you know, there is an upper and lower limit to how much
	you can speed up or slow down a file.   

	It can be as high as 256 or as low as 1/256 . 

>   It generate interesting textures (with longer files)
>   Did it some kind of time-stretching when its running with this high
> speeds ??  or something similar..

	It simply uses libresample to resample the audio file.

	So, yes, it "stretches" or "shrinks" the audio.


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