[PD] readanysf_duration_speed

august august at alien.mur.at
Tue Oct 12 17:32:04 CEST 2010

> Hi August,
> > 	Cool.  Abuse it, please.    But, what do you mean by crashing dsp?
> > 	Ideally, readanysf~ shouldn't crash, ever.  Please let me know if it
> > 	does.
> >
> > 	I'm not sure I understand you correctly.  Does it crash PD all
> > 	together, or does it lock up your DSP?   The later could happen if
> > 	your computer is too slow, I imagine.
> Sorry for confusing; the crashed was with a lot readanysf~ at high
> speed and a lot of other proccess running in extreme and for shure
> that something i did wrong.... it is irrelevant this crashed....
> But i test readanysf in more isolated conditions:
> 1) - Pd running at 44100 samplerate and default block size
>     - Audio file 44100 stereo
>     -readanysf~ with default creation arguments (samples per frame in
> the internal buffer = 24)
>    in this case working  in a good way  max speed= 20 or 25  up of this valours
>    starting to "lock up" DSP and the loop mode doesn't work  and I have to
>    push "stop" and then "play" but then start  at speed=1.......
> 2)  -with the same Pd samplerate  and audio file
>      -readanysf~ with (sample per frame in the internal buffer=32 and
> a blocksize= 256)
>                               the same that in the help file..
>     working much better i can play at speed=100-120
>          -from speed=1 to speed=60 in this range it works perfect also
> with the loop mode on
>          -from speed=60 to speed=120 it is  more unestable, with some
> glitches, and sometimes
>            "lock up" DSP, when "lock up" the same that before ( the
> loop mode doesn't work
>              and I have to  push "stop" and then "play" and start to
> play but at speed=1.......
>              and "the procesor" go to 50/60%...
>  I am in Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
>           acer aspire 1810TZ
>           Intel Pentium processor  SU4100    ( for shure this is not so fast)
>           4GB ram
>   readanysf~ 0.36

please download and try the same things with the latest readanysf~


also, note that you could run into a DSP lockup if your harddrive is too
slow and it can't read the files fast enough.   Also, for doing what you
intend to do, you might want to increase the number of audio frames and
the samples per frame.

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