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You could try to keep it very simple, the [pan~] abstraction uses the midi range (0 - 127) to move a mono signal between two channels. If you give that an x axis co-ordinate and then have two other [pan~]'s, one out of each outlet and feed them both the same Y axis. Then the four outputs of the second two pans will be the four corners of your aural space. And panning left/right  or front/back will, in theory, move your mono sound source around your space. 
This is tricky to then expand, or to express as degrees of rotation. But it should serve your purpose. 

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> Subject: [PD] PD panner
> Hello
> I was wondering if someone has a multi channel sound panner that I can test with pd. I want to have 4 separate sounds [MONO] be panned to differing channels in pd from channel 1->2 2->3 3->1 etc on a simple envelope line. 
> I have access to an older EMI 2|6 card and a newer MAUDIO 6 channel soundcard and I was hoping to get some help with the panning if possible. I will be controlling the bangs of the pans and volumes via OSC and motiontracking system and look forward to any help
> TY
> pp
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