[PD] ps3eye, pix_video

servando barreiro servandisco at yahoo.es
Wed Oct 13 13:54:05 CEST 2010

Have you tried to downscale the resolution of the image in pd?
send the message [dimen 400 300(    or whatever you need to pix_video  
I have tried that cam in a small laptop w linux and it was working very good and very fast out of the box.
nº2-  you need drivers for mac but you don´t need drivers for linux (I mean, all webcams/dv´s I tried, they worked perfectly in linux out ouf th box ),  things are changing...
Using a PS3 eye on Mas osX 10.6 :
- with the macam program, out of PD, the response of the camera is very fast,
- inside GEM, (pix_video) the latency is half a second, as much as with DV camcorders.

I know this seems to be a recurring issue :
Anyone has a way to get a quick response with pix_video in GEM OsX ?
Any solution in pdp ?
Is it necessary to switch to linux, DC cameras and complex drivers ?
Any hint ?

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