[PD] PS3 eye, Pix_video, low latency

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>>  still DC camera ( like Unibrain camera ) give uncompressed signal,
> so they have very low latency...
> these cameras are supported generally on Mac OSX
> through quicktime ( with pix_video or pdp_ieee1394
> that uses quicktime too  ).
> on linux, cameras are supported by different APIs
> and thus different objects
> ( pdp_ieee1394, pdp_v4l, pdp_v4l2 or pdp_dc1394 )
> depending on your type of cameras....
Hi Yves and list,
I didn't know anything about pdp_dc1394. I'm on ubuntu lucid (10.4) and
pd-extended 0.42 and the object doesn't exist. Should I compile pdp in order
to get this object?
When I worked with IIDC camera on linux and pd (a unibrain one) I used
coriander to get it as a standard v4l device (by using vloopback module),
and it worked like a charm! But maybe I should try pdp_dc1394 (if I found

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