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Philip Cunningham pcunningham.uk at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 15 14:35:41 CEST 2010

just wanted to let people know that i fixed the overshoots caused by
[tabosc4~] by using the object [clip~]. another way of fixing it would
be to do the following.

[*~ 8] <- however big your array is

then adjusted the amplitude to give values between -1 and 1.


On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 4:40 PM, Philip Cunningham
<pcunningham.uk at googlemail.com> wrote:
> hey all. i'm using a monome/arduinome to write 8 values between 1 and
> -1 in an array and then using [tabosc4~] as a wavetable synth and then
> using [snapshot~] to take values and use them as control data.
> it works okay but i seem to be getting "bumps" in my waveform. some
> values slightly less than -1 and slightly more than 1. it may be
> because i've misunderstood the wraparound/interpolation but would
> appreciate if someone could give some guidance as how to achieve
> "cleaner" waveforms.
> i've removed the most of the monome parts for the patch. it should
> work fine with a bit of tinkering. cheers!


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