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Mark Pasquesi mjsqueeze at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 19 20:38:47 CEST 2010


Would like to build for 10.5.8, Pd-extended.  Using a macbook Pro, dual core , 
2.5, 4 gb ram.

Have had troubles with both the build using git - when calling from the 
terminal, it opens with limited time - I wish it would run, and have all needed 
Fink files after 10 days...

My fink tcltk is 8.4.19-3, and I had to install 8.5 as a binary after the 
8.4/8.5 source builds failed (svn)

the pd-extended svn also fails after a few functions, even after I downgraded 
all fink versions to be explicitly the same as listed on the dev page.  Of 
course I also removed all other versions of pd from usr/.  Only gmp is higher 
(gmp5  5.0.1-5, gmp5-shlibs) though the gmp-shlibs is still 4.3.2-5.

Any ideas of possible conflicts, libraries to remove or upgrade, would be 



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