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Thu Oct 21 18:54:58 CEST 2010

>>>Maybe you would want to shorten it?
>>>This is the body of the traduction:

Dear friends,

The second year of activities of "Taller de Algoritmia"
include new modules and applied knowledge in art
aesthetic as well as a more direct relationship with innovation
in relation to the new environment that welcomes us in 2010. We are pleased
to report that with support from the government's institution for promotion
on production, CORFO, through its new archives and library area, practical
on innovation and aesthetics will be held in by this new premises in
Moneda Street 921, Santiago (Chile), second floor, in its Patrimonial Room,
from about the second week of November of this year.

The modules called for this year are:

ISA:: Introduction to Analog Sensors for Interactive Interfaces
ICG:: Introduction to Computer Graphics
IPD:: Introduction to Pure Data (Pd)
ISM:: Introduction to Microcontrollers Sensors
IBE:: Instrumentation Bioelectronics
ISS:: Introduction to Sound Synthesis with Pd
IMMVP:: Introduction to Method in Music and Video-Performance with Pd
IOSC:: Introduction to Open Sound Control (OSC)
SSII:: Wireless Sensors
CCDD: Digital Controllers
IMMEPD:: Introduction to Methods in Electronic Music with Pd
IOCV:: Introduction to Open Computer Vision (OpenCV)
IEM:: Electronic Musical Instruments

I also want to welcome Hector and Marco Capossiello
Colasso, comprising this year's workshop. From their
areas of expertise, will guide the new modules proposed;
Computer Graphics and Sound Synthesis respectively.

I remember the true commitment that the workshop had have from a
beginning, with the use of free license logic for
multiple platforms, as an effective way of disseminating
details that make useful algorithmic methods participate in the common
, while maintaining the original appropriation and intellectual
industrial processes involved.

>From now I send my warmest greetings to all (as) you

I remain yours,

Diego Correa T.
Taller de Algoritmia 2010

2010/10/21 Correa Diego <algoritmia at labormedia.cl>

> Hi Marco,
> I'm very thankful for your interest in the publication of our activities.
> I will give it a turn and I'll send you the traduction the next hour.
> fair enough?
> best wishes,
> Diego
> 2010/10/21 Marco Donnarumma <info at thesaddj.com>
> Hi Diego,
>> Marco Donnarumma here from Pd-list.
>> I run a blog about open source culture and media art at
>> http://www.thesaddj.com and I'd like to post a news about this series of
>> workshops.
>> Perhaps you have an English version of the call?
>> I could translate with some tools but it could be faster and easier if you
>> had a translation already.
>> Thanks,
>> Best wishes,
>> Marco
>> 2010/10/19 Correa Diego <algoritmia at labormedia.cl>
>>>  Estimados(as),
>>> El segundo año de actividades de "Taller de Algoritmia" contemplará
>>> nuevos módulos de conocimientos aplicados en arte y estética, además de una
>>> relación aún más directa con la innovación en relación al nuevo espacio que
>>> nos acoge este 2010. Nos es grato informar que gracias al apoyo de Corfo, a
>>> través de su nueva área de archivos y biblioteca, los módulos prácticos en
>>> innovación y estética se realizarán en sus nuevas dependencias ubicadas en
>>> calle Moneda 921, Santiago; segundo piso, sala patrimonial; a partir de la
>>> segunda semana de noviembre.
>>> Los módulos convocados para este año son:
>>> ISA    ::  Introducción a Sensores Análogos para Interfaces Interactivas
>>> ICG    ::  Introducción a Computer Graphics
>>> IPD    ::  Introducción a Pure Data (Pd)
>>> ISM    ::  Introducción a Sensores con Microcontroladores
>>> IBE    ::  Instrumentación Bioelectrónica
>>> ISS    ::  Introducción a la Síntesis de Sonidos con Pd
>>> IMMVP  ::  Introducción a Método en Música y Video-Performance con Pd
>>> IOSC   ::  Introducción a Open Sound Control (OSC)
>>> SSII   ::  Sensores Inalámbricos
>>> CCDD   ::  Controladores Digitales
>>> IMMEPD ::  Introducción a Métodos en Música Electrónica con Pd
>>> IOCV   ::  Introducción a Open Computer Vision (OpenCV)
>>> IEM    ::  Instrumentos Electrónicos Musicales
>>> También quiero dar la bienvenida a Hector Capossiello y Marco Colasso,
>>> que integran este año el taller. Desde sus respectivas áreas de expertise,
>>> guiarán los nuevos módulos propuestos en Computer Graphics y Síntesis de
>>> Sonido respectivamente.
>>> Debo recordar el fiel compromiso que el taller ha tenido desde un inicio
>>> con la utilización de lógica de licencia libre para múltiples plataformas,
>>> como una vía efectiva de divulgar los detalles que hacen de los métodos
>>> algorítmicos un bien de dominio común, sin desmedro de la apropiación
>>> original, intelectual e industrial de los procesos implicados.
>>> Desde ya les envío mis saludos más cordiales a todos(as) Uds.
>>> se despide atentamente,
>>> Diego Correa T.
>>> Coordinador Taller de Algoritmia 2010
>>> http://labormedia.cl/algoritmia
>>> Santiago, Chile.
>>> --
>>> http://labormedia.cl/algoritmia
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>>> http://lists.puredata.info/listinfo/pd-announce
>> --
>> Marco Donnarumma aka TheSAD
>> Independent New Media Arts Professional, Performer, Teacher
>> Ongoing MSc by Research, University of Edinburgh, UK
>> PORTFOLIO: http://marcodonnarumma.com
>> LAB: http://www.thesaddj.com | http://cntrl.sourceforge.net |
>> http://www.flxer.net
>> EVENT: http://www.liveperformersmeeting.net
> --
> http://labormedia.cl/algoritmia

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