[PD] [PD-announce] GridFlow 9.12 release

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Oct 23 18:06:03 CEST 2010

This is a late posting about the 9.12 release of GridFlow which was 
finished two weeks ago. Note that the Ubuntu packages are now made by 
Claude instead of Patrick, and it's available as seven deb files instead 
of one tar file. Get the packages at http://gridflow.ca/ !

ChangeLog between 9.11 (september 7th) and 9.12 (october 8th) :

  * Gem loading is now optional at run-time (and mandatory at
    compile-time), so that not having Gem will only result in 3 classes not
    being loaded.
  * [doc_iemfont]: reversed behaviour so that it takes as argument px sizes
  * [gridflow]: added attr pd_version
  * improved examples: dither.pd qbert.pd
  * [#import]: when in per_message mode, output empty grids just like any
  * [setargs]: process commas and semis properly when updating $-variables
  * [setargs]: use sys_queuegui to limit updates of objectboxes and
  * [setargs]: added method 'dirty'
  * [#many]: margins (just as in [#see])
  * [#many]: properties dialogue saves the spacing/margins settings to file
  * now ready for win64 builds
  * [args]: added attributes 'noloadbang' and 'noparens'
  * internals: added CLASS_NOPARENS and CLASS_NOCOMMA about parsing of args
  * added [#compress] and [gf/canvas_send]
  * added [#expr], a [expr]-lookalike (no grid support yet, but does use
    [#]-like numops internally)
  * [gf/mouse_spy]: fixed init bug
  * [#print]: fixed maxrows (was a bit off)
  * [#print]: changed number format when printing float32 or float64.
  * [#for]: step argument is now optional.
  * [print] and [#print]: stop parsing parentheses in creation arguments
  * [#unpack]: accept any grid containing as many elements as there are
  * numops: add float support to % swap% rem swaprem
  * more detailed error messages of the form "expected this, got that"
  * [#out grid] and [parallel_port]: fix crash in case of error writing
  * [#]: now defaults to [# ignore]
  * reintroducing real unary operators. this means that there are now two
    tables of operators in the doc, and the table of unary only applies to
    [#] and [#expr] (they weren't much useful with anything else anyway).
    Those operators have become unary (one-input):
      sqrt rand sin cos tanh log exp C.sin C.cos C.tanh C.log C.exp
  * added numops (one input): ! ~ unary- abs tan sinh cosh floor ceil
  * added numops (one input): erf erfc cbrt expm1 log1p
  * added numops (two inputs): ldexp /exp

| Mathieu Bouchard ------------------------------ Villeray, Montréal, QC
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