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Hi Pierre,

I'm not exactly the best to answer this but seeing as nobody else will I'll give it a go!

I believe the 'partitioned' part of the phrase refers to the fact that the impulse response is is split up and then convolved in sections, with appropriate delays added to each resulting chunk of sound when mixed back in, making it easier and quicker for the CPU to process.

There's a good explanation here - http://www.ludd.luth.se/~torger/brutefir.html#bruteconv

I hope that Bricasti link worked for you!



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This is awesome! Strickly so. Thanks!

How does partitioned convolution work?


2010/10/21 saint <saintidle at yahoo.com>

+1 on ben saylor's partconv~ - works excellently.

arm yourself with the free acousticas IR's...


of the $3,500 bricasti m7 unit...


...and you'll not go back to algorithmic reverbs again.

or just get some balloons and record your own!

(grab those IR's soon as it seems acousticas have gone out of business. took me a few attempts to check but the link is working.)


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