[PD] Help needed for string manipulation in PD

tania habib taniahabib at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 20:57:15 CEST 2010


Currently I am stuck at one point in my multichannel recording patch. The
problem is that I want to dynamically read the list of wav-files from a
specific folder using a text file.
For this case, I am using the textfile object. One line of the text file
reads like


Can there be a way of separating this line into separate strings like

'sp01' '48kHz' 'swih7'

I need for instance the first string to create the name of wav-files to
record the data.

In addition to that is there any conditional statement (object) in PD, which
I can use to only generate the wav-files, e.g., when sp01 changes to sp02 in
the text file as I have 10 utterance for every speaker and I want to store
them separately?

I will really appreciate help in this regard


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