[PD] dub chords in Pd

Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
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Thanks Andy,
the delay is quite clear now, and what about the source?

Do you think phasors chords could do the job?
I reckon I should work out a proper envelope to synthesise a similar attack
(like a rapidly bowed guitar chord).



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> The lossy part needs to go into the feedback loop
> of the delay. Each time around the loop the distortion
> function shifts some of the energy away from it's
> original position, some up and out band
> and some into the capture of the bandpass.
> As it goes round and round (recurses) it gets
> focussed more and more into one or two places.
> Good dub delays are always pretty close to
> exploding in certain frequencies close to the
> 1-2kHz mid. That's the trick. You need to
> experiment with dangerously unstable
> settings to get it to sing. Distortion
> followed by bandbass. Any kind of tape and
> amp simulation in the loop usually works quite well.
> Some of the best old dub delay IMHO
> is from a "bucket brigade delay" circa
> '76/77 that used leaky capacitors to simulate
> a tape, a kind of analogue data buffer.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYepvarTsVM
> @3.44
> can get a subtle, spooky, slow timbral shift
> if you catch it and ride it.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgAfsUdQc_A
> @2.40 +
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