[PD] How to: different channels with noteout & ctlout (pd > ableton)

kristof lauwers pd at kristoflauwers.domainepublic.net
Wed Oct 27 16:19:58 CEST 2010

At 09:16 2010-10-27, you wrote:

>I'm too lazy to find a reference now, but IIRC you can address multiple
>MIDI ports from Pd. Channels 1-16 are automatically mapped to ch 1-16 of
>the first configured port. Channel 17-32 are mapped to the ch 1-16 of
>the second configured port, etc.

indeed. i do this all the time.

first you have to select 'use multiple devices' from the 'midi 
settings' menu under 'media' and then select your ports. Then it 
works like Roman explained hereabove.
according to the PD version you use, the number of ports you can 
select is limited to 2 or 4 in the menu. The only way i found to add 
more is by manually adding them in the registry..




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