[PD] IPA Vowel space analyzer

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Thu Oct 28 16:22:49 CEST 2010

On Thu, 28 Oct 2010, Ludwig Maes wrote:

> Hi, I was wondering how one would locate a vowel in the IPA vowel 
> quadrangle using pd... Of course I would expect the corners of the vowel 
> to depend on individual characteristics, but I dont know where to start. 
> Anyone any ideas? Greetings, Ludwig

I'd like to know as well... about two years ago, I made a patch to play 
Wikipedia's vowel samples according to three criteria (two [vradio] and 
one [tgl]) :

     0    1    2    3    4
6 [i][y]    [ɨ][ʉ]    [ɯ][u]
5      [ɪ][ʏ]       [ʊ]
4 [e][ø]                 [o]
3           [ə]
2 [ɛ][œ]              [ʌ][ɔ]
1 [æ]       [ɐ]
0 [a][ɶ]              [ɑ][ɒ]

And then some more. Personally I'm mostly interested in [iyɪʏeøeœaœəuʊøʌɑ] 
(the nonnasals used in my own speech), but I'd like a language-independent 
locator too.

Then for example I numbered the above like
   001 = 6 0 1 = [ɶ]
   200 = 4 0 0 = [ɛ]
   511 = 1 1 1 = [ʏ]
   531 = 5 3 1 = [ʊ]

The digits are : row number, column number, subcolumn number. I'd add a 
fourth number that'd toggle nasals (because I need [ɛ̃̃œ̃ø̃ɑ̃ɔ̃õ] to reproduce 
my speech) and perhaps a fifth number that would toggle [ː] but it might 
be more appropriate to write them as a pair of identical vowels 
(especially as some of them mutate to diphtongs in my speech).

I haven't looked much in the analysis part of it yet. I thought I could 
analyse the sound samples, extract their cepstrums, cross-fade them, 
resynthesise using a different envelope and tone... but I haven't tried 
any of that at all in the end (well, maybe I started trying it and it 
didn't work...).

| Mathieu Bouchard ------------------------------ Villeray, Montréal, QC

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