[PD] Numpad decimal outputs wrong character

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 08:46:04 CET 2010

     I'm setting up a new machine running Hardy.  It has a Dell 106-key keyboard in which the decimal on the number pad works fine with 
everything (Ardour, Openoffice, Icecat, wish, etc.) _except_ Pd objects on a 
canvas like object box, iemGUIs, number/symbol/message box, etc.  However, 
it does work in the Pd console, as well as Properties dialogues and any 
tk widgets like [entry].

When I click the decimal key, [key] outputs '127'.  This is happening in 
0.42-5 extended as well as Miller's 0.43-0test3. Any ideas on what's going 
on here?



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