[PD] settings on Ubuntu

Lorenzo Sutton lsutton at libero.it
Mon Nov 15 09:04:12 CET 2010

Dear Derek,

Derek Holzer wrote:
> Hi all,
> two of my students at a workshop today had the same problem. They 
> installed Pd-ext from their package manager, but they have no 
> preferences file thus no externals loaded, paths or anything.
It is not clear how they installed Pd[extended]. Did they download a 
.deb file or did they install it straight from synaptic or the 'software 

In the latter case latter chances are they actually installed Pd 
'vanilla' and not pd-extended: in fact AFAIK pd-extended is not present 
in the ubuntu repositories. This would explain why they get no extra 
stuff. If this is the case they can get stable .deb package for all 
recent versions of ubuntu here: http://puredata.info/downloads (be sure 
to get pd-extended!) or autobuilds here: 

Hope this helps.

> I scanned HC's page, the puredata.info FAQ and the list and didn't 
> find anything about this. Did they forget/not know to do something or 
> is this an error on the package manager's part? What should I do to 
> fix their problem?
> D.

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