[PD] py/pyext: building on Ubuntu Lucid with Python 2.6 (and python in pd)

Lorenzo Sutton lsutton at libero.it
Tue Dec 7 11:14:52 CET 2010

Has anyone managed to do it successfully?

I managed to build flext, but when I call the ../flext/build.sh script 
from within the pyext source dir it fails with the first error being to 
the fact m_pd.h is not found.
I have pd-extended installed and thus m_pd.h lives in 
/usr/include/pdextended/ and this seems some trivial path problem, but I 
really can't seem to find a simple way to add that dir to the build 
process (build.sh seems to call another script but I can't figure out 
how everything works out).

Somewhat related to this, would it be possible to make py/pyext somewhat 
more "python-minor-version-agnostic"? Sorry if the question seems naive, 
I guess the build process actually links to the exact Python in the 
user's system.
In general IMHO it would *really* be nice to be able to have an easy way 
to hack up externals in python (I could do with even message-only ones) 
'by default' with a Pd-extended.


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