[PD] Pd-X update confusion

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Jan 3 03:04:26 CET 2011

I am now just getting back into pd mode since Sept

and I just recently upgraded Ubuntu from 9.04 -> 10.10

which needed a kernel broadcom wifi driver tweak

I installed the 'PD-0.42.5-extended-20101205' using the .deb package
(because it works perfectly on my Dell mini9 (which I use as a test 

I tested all my Linux audio apps on Ubuntu 10.10
(my config is in the sig at the end of this email)
and every one checked out OK
except for baudline which wasn't working with ALSA

the reason it wasn't working with ALSA - as related to me by the 
developer - was that
'Ubuntu 10.10 removed kernel ALSA OSS emulation' but baudline does work 
with Jack'

so I'm having a lot of problems getting Pd set up the way it was on my 
9.04 system
which was working fine up until my upgrade

I have a few questions related to problems that are causing much confusion:

problem #1:
no audio via ALSA

- I open the Audio Settings panel, point my settings to my USB card, 
click save, apply
     - open and start the Test Audio patch
     - there is no audio
     - the console doesn't say anything about trying to find or connect 
to an audio device
     - re-open the Audio settings panel and the settings are all 
switched back to my 'nanokontrol'

the ~/.pdextended file says:
noaudioin: True
noaudioout: True

I try the same procedure with Jack and there is audio
and ALSA midi also seems to work fine

is there a problem with ALSA and Pd now due to the removal of ALSA OSS 

problem #2:
Libraries are not loading

- all the libraries that were installed with 0.42.5 are not found even 
though they are listed in the .pdextended file
- I read on the Pd FAQ page that '.pdextended' is the file where all the 
paths are stored
but I was using Pd extended in my studio and all my paths (I think) were 
in the '.pdsettings' file which supposedly was used only by the pd plain 
vanilla version

- was there a change made to the settings file name between Sept and now?
- and is there a simpler way of re-constituting my paths other than 
doing it by hand?

can someone point me to something that can bring me up to date on 
changes since Sept?
a change log or something?

any/all help is very appreciated!!

oh yeah, happy new year!

*my Linux audio perf config:*
Dell Studio 15 Core2 Duo 2.0GHz 3G-RAM
Ubuntu 10.10
kernel 2.6.35-24-generic
jackd version jackdmp 1.9.6
Ardour 2.8.11
Pd version 0.42.5-extended
USB iMic audio interface
Korg nanoKontrol
cpufreq-set - both cpu's are set to 2.0GHz and userspace

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