[PD] Pd-X update confusion

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Jan 3 06:17:23 CET 2011

On 01/02/2011 06:38 PM, Derek Holzer wrote:
> Yes. Pd seems to have skipped ALSA almost entirely during it's 
> development, going from OSS directly to JACK. Someone else can correct 
> me if I am wrong, but IIRC there are no proper ALSA drivers, only 
> emulation through OSS.
ah I see -- but there is still an ALSA and an OSS setting in the gui 
which is misleading
> Is there some reason you don't want to use JACK?
no - just a habit I got into  -- I would fire up pd and point it to the 
system audio out without firing up Jack first -- now I know to just use 
Jack always

> Latency and such should improve dramatically for you.
yes it also reduces the xruns which were a nuisance but I just ignored 
them if just poking at patches
> Rather annoying move by Ubuntu however. I suppose you could compile it 
> in yourself...
from what I understand and correct me if I'm wrong
this was a decision made by the devs working on the Linux kernel

q: if the ALSA OSS emulation layer is no longer part of the kernel can 
it be modprobed back in? or does the kernel need a complete recompile? 
and if so is there a page somewhere describing how to do this?
just curious...not sure I want to go down that rathole
> D.
> On 1/3/11 3:04 AM, Kim Cascone wrote:
>> is there a problem with ALSA and Pd now due to the removal of ALSA OSS
>> emulation?

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