[PD] Body tracking

marcello wallacechemical at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 20:16:31 CET 2011

On 07/01/11 23:14, Pedro Lopes wrote:
> Body tracking depends on the hardware you have:
> is kinect the best way? no. but its awesomely cheap and non intrusive.
> Do you have 10k dollars to spend in a vicon (http://www.vicon.com/)
> motion tracker? They kill kinect accuracy in an eye blink. 
> Is there cheaper than kinect? Oh yeah. webcams are there for you. Ps3eye
> delivers 60 fps at an amazing cost, and if you want to spend more you
> have pointgrey cameras (also 60fps or more) or less phillips has a
> camera that i don't the model but gives an astonishing 90fps for 50
> bucks. However camera solutions will require some computer vision
> processing effort (well.. so does kinect! even more), and you loose the
> depth information (Z) that kinect can offer.
> As always. it depends on a complex equation that involves your skill,
> budget, desired application, needs (XYZ?), gestures or direct point
> mapping, realtime or post?

yeah, that's why it's difficult to decide what to use!

I definitely need the depth information, as a kung fu form is moving in
the space too; on the other side, kinect is probabily too slow.
The pointgrey cameras or the one of philips sound really good, that's a
pity that I loose the depth information.

The sensor and software of Primesense could another possible solution:

Thanks for answering

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