[PD] pix_video dialog / dimen is not setting anything under windows

Markus Demmel az at zankapfel.org
Mon Jan 10 23:47:38 CET 2011


i have just bought a new Webcam with lots of pixels inside...
(720p at 30fps / 1080p at 15fps) but i can't change the resolution. It seems
to be stuck at 640x480.

- If i send the dialog message a receive a long list of possible
settings, which fits to the camera, but i can't click apply and if i
click on ok, nothing changes.
- sending a message e.g. "dimen 1280 720" also doesn't work

 The Vender Tool just enables me to set Brightness/Focus etc... so any
ideas, how to change the capture resolution?


PS: I need the Windows ATI Drivers for GLSL-Shaders, otherwise i would
work with linux.

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