[PD] About external gui-s (and kiosk mode)

Athos Bacchiocchi athos.bacchiocchi at tin.it
Tue Jan 18 00:22:40 CET 2011

hello list,

i was making some searches about tweaking pd-extended's gui to make it "fancier" and not easily editable by casual users (planning some labs with children... but also my band's guitarist can be dangerous!). I have come across various things, but most of them seem to be very outdated. I'm on ubuntu maverick. I've read about:

1) a kiosk mode flag, but it doesn't seem to be available anymore
2) standalone app maker, only for mac
3) GriPD: seems nice but very outdated
4) Desire data: last release is one year old and i don't know wheter it has the capabilities i need
5) Running pure data with the -nogui flag + Gem (i see Lorenzo Sutton made some objects that could be useful: http://lorenzosu.altervista.org/pd/gem%20gui/)
6) an Edit Mode Look plugin, but i don't know how to activate this, i guess by patching the source code (something i'm very unfamiliar with, but i could try...)

I also tought about looking into the pd-l2ork project (currently i'm trying to make it load Gem library), and trying to install pd-extended 0.43 to see if there was some change that could be helpful, but the autobuild for maverick doesn't seem to work.

Does anyone have more up-to-date informations and suggestions?

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