[PD] About external gui-s (and kiosk mode)

Athos Bacchiocchi athos.bacchiocchi at tin.it
Tue Jan 18 12:13:21 CET 2011

> Da: ico at vt.edu
> Regarding pd-l2ork, did you install
> pd-l2ork full 
install or just the pd-l2ork itself without extended libs? If
> latter, 
libs will not work and many will crash due to fundamental changes to
how pd works so you would need to install pd-l2ork full (see 
> online for building your own).

I downloaded the burrito 
supreme package, and installed it 
following the instructions (untar 
and make install). When i first 
loaded pd-l2ork, it couldnt load Gem, 
Pdp and Pdip libs. I found on 
synaptic two packages that might match 
the missing shared objects 
(libmagick++ for gem and something related 
to quicktime for Pdp). After 
a reboot Pdp was successfully loaded, but 
neither Pdip (which i don't 
use) nor Gem. 

The exact message i get 
from the console is:

libMagick++.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or 
Gem: can't load library

Is there anything else i'm missing? 
Do I have to build it myself?




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