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Yay Max!  Sounds like the first thing for us to help with is fund  
raising.  I'll see what I can do.  I'm going to talk to the DebConf- 
NYC people, they were quite good at getting money.


On Jan 19, 2011, at 7:49 PM, Max wrote:

> Dear community,
> I'd like to present Weimar as an applicant to host the Pure Data  
> convention 2011 to you all.
> Who we are:
> The Bauhaus-University and the Liszt School of Music are jointly  
> organizing the convention. Responsible Organizers will be Max  
> Neupert of the chair Design of Medial Environments in the Media Art  
> & Design Programme of the Universitiy and {name to put here will be  
> official on monday after meeting} of the chair Electroacoustic  
> Composition and Sounddesign at the Studio for electroacoustic Music  
> of the Liszt School. A team of students will take responsibility for  
> some aspects of planning and realization.
> When:
> The convention is scheduled from Monday the 8th to Sunday the 14th  
> of August 2011.
> Please highlight this in your calendars right now!
> Programme:
> In the tradition of the previous installments of the convention we  
> will feature an academic conference, workshops and master-classes,  
> concerts and performances and an exhibition.
> The conference will be in the mornings from tuesday to friday and  
> will feature paper presentations of a soon to be released open call.
> Workshops will be presented in conjunction with the Bauhaus Summer  
> School and will feature parallel sessions in the after-noons in  
> different levels and interests.
> Concerts will take place depending on their nature either in the  
> exquisitely equipped Studio or in a more club like environment tba.  
> Exhibition space will be arranged according to the the works  
> selected by a committee of curators and community members.
> I've met with members of the Berlin Pd community yesterday and we  
> discussed the possibility to feature a closing event of the  
> convention in Berlin.
> Collaborations:
> The convention seeks to collaborate with the established local  
> institutions as much as possible. The festival for new music will  
> offer opportunities for cooperation. A local community radio will  
> feature a platform for publicity as well as for experiments with  
> this medium (think of using the radio to open a feed-back channel  
> (literal and figurative speaking) to a program or controlling  
> devices in the city through audio signal over the radio). The  
> townhall features a porcelain carillon which can be controlled by  
> midi (think of procedural compositions for this instrument or  
> interactive works controlling the bells through phones). A soon to  
> be inaugurated one million euro organ will be installed in a  
> catholic church, owned by the Liszt School - this instrument is midi  
> capable as well and could be used for a concert evening. We also  
> seek collaboration with IOSONO a company from nearby Erfurt who  
> develops and produces wavefield synthesis systems for a hands-on in  
> sound spacialization. I have also talked to Electronic Arts and  
> Reality Jockey to become partners for this event.
> This just to give you a few ideas on what we have in mind.
> Community:
> If you are eager to join us organizing this, from making coffee to  
> taking responsibility for a whole section of it: Great! Now is the  
> time to get in touch with me.
> Money:
> In addition to my work, the University will cover for another small  
> contract and select students involved will get a little expense  
> allowance. The Liszt School will sponsor tech equipment and the  
> space. The Bauhaus Summer School will promote and fund the  
> workshops. There is no money (yet) to promise travel and lodging for  
> the participants, nor any other production costs, but we have a few  
> applications for funding in the pipeline. The funding rally has  
> started, any support is welcome. Write your application to your arts  
> council now, we'll be happy to support you with papers, invitations  
> etc.
> The city:
> Weimar is a 65.000 inhabitants city in the state of Thuringia, in  
> central Germany, about half way between Frankfurt (Germany's airport  
> hub) and Berlin. Weimar is a cultural city and a mayor tourist  
> destination, offering countless places of interest. Goethe, Schiller  
> and and Herder have created the Weimar Classicism through their  
> legacy, Nietzsche and Liszt have lived here (Weimar celebrates  
> Liszts 200th birthday this year). The iconic movement of the  
> modernism - the Bauhaus - was founded in Weimar and the original  
> buildings still exist, hosting the University which proudly extends  
> the historic Bauhaus' tradition. The painful and dark side of german  
> history has left unrepairable scars in the cities vicinity: the  
> concentration camp Buchenwald stands for the systematic extinction  
> of the european jews. Close to this site the soviets built a  
> memorial in gigantic dimensions and a martial aesthetic which has an  
> eerie affinity with the fascist style.
> Accomodation:
> We've made a deal with a friendly hostel offering accommodation and  
> kitchen access for less than 10 EUR per night. Comfort Lodging is  
> also available, as well as free accommodation in students homes.  
> Weimar is one of the cheaper places in Germany compared to Hamburg  
> or Munich, but booking for August needs to be done well in advance:  
> it is tourist season.
> Upates:
> http://www.uni-weimar.de/medien/wiki/Pure_Data_convention_2011
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