[PD] linking libs in extern development

david medine dmedine at ucsd.edu
Fri Jan 21 01:55:08 CET 2011

OK, nuts to that. First, I must correct myself, the makefile I am 
referring to is in the Pd.etc.app/Contents/Resources/extra folder. (By 
the way, I am at home working on my Mac right now, I haven't tried this 
on my beastly linux box at all yet and so I am not sure what all the 
details of this issue are there off the top of my head.)

Also, I went ahead and dropped the -c flag from the makefile (this flag 
stops linking altogether when make is run) and apparently when you do 
this, the extern won't build at all! I think this has something to do 
with the fact that in this mode, gcc needs to link with all the Pd 
objects also, (because terminal tells me so...) but this explanation 
doesn't really make sense to me.

Does anyone know how to tweak the makefile (or any clean method, for 
that matter) so that one can link libraries to externals?
Thanks again,

On 1/20/11 4:02 PM, david medine wrote:
> Dear folks,
> Does anybody know a good way to link libraries in a Pd extern build? I 
> am using plain ol' command line and makefiles. It would be nice to be 
> able to do this without modifying the Makefile in the 
> Pd.etc./Contents/Resources/ directory, but due to my general ignorance 
> of programming lore, I don't really know how to do this. Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> David Medine

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