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Pierre Massat pimassat at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 12:24:53 CET 2011

Hi, this the looper she used. I'm afraid it's very messy and buggy too, it
never really went past the experimental level as she never used it again
after the three songs were complete.
The table at the bottom is a very basic loop editor. Once the loop is ok you
bounce it to a track (select it to the right of the editor), which then
plays it back. You can send the sound to some sort of an effect bus (3
effects, two of which can be used by two different tracks).
This is very raw, i don't if it can be of any interest to you. What i find
interesting is the fact that she managed to produce some nice music off such
a messy patch without knowing Pd.


2011/1/21 Pierre Massat <pimassat at gmail.com>

> Alright, then i'll send you the patch. I don't have it on this laptop right
> now though.
> It's funny because it's the first time made some music based on loops, and
> i think she did pretty well. She's more into traditional/folk stuff, and
> she's way more classically trained than me. I worked hard to convince her to
> put her work online.
> It was a very fun project to work on, because i designed the patch
> specially to suit her needs.
> I'm glad you liked it!
> Pierre
> 2011/1/21 Bo Parker <fbparker.pd at gmail.com>
>> On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 4:41 AM, Pierre Massat <pimassat at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> Dear list,
>>> I wanted to let you know that a friend of mine has just published an
>>> album which was entirely recorded and mixed in Pd. She had an assignment and
>>> she needed three pieces based on vocal loops, so i wrote a custom looper for
>>> her with some basic editing and mixing capabilities and some built-in
>>> effects. The rest is just off her imagination.
>>> I like it a lot, i think it's fresh and almost fetal, so i wanted to
>>> share this with you.
>>> Here it is :
>>> http://causticlemon.bandcamp.com/
>> Very nice!
>> Thank you!
>> BTW, any chance of you sharing your custom looper with us? :)
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