[PD] HPGL tools for drawing pd patches and more

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Jan 24 05:25:54 CET 2011

Btw I'm currently developing several other pieces in my HPGL (plotter) 
chain tool :

   [hpgl_to_lines], converter from hpgl to line segments

   [hpgl_objectbox], to draw an objectbox as hpgl (one inlet, one outlet)

   [hpgl_messagebox], to draw a messagebox as hpgl (one inlet, one outlet)

   [hpgl_from_patch], convert from pd patch format to hpgl

In those cases, when it says "from hpgl" and "to hpgl", those are pd 
messages, and you need [plotter_parser] to parse hpgl bytes, and/or 
[plotter_control] to produce hpgl bytes (or neither if you only use the 
hpgl messages as an intermediate format between two other things).

Is anyone else interested in that kind of thing ?

| Mathieu Bouchard ---- tél: +1.514.383.3801 ---- Villeray, Montréal, QC

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