[PD] standard encoding of pd files in each system?

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 26 22:54:47 CET 2011

> Pd < 0.43 is probably something like ISO-8859-1 or perhaps UTF-8, Pd  
> 0.43 is UTF-8.  UTF-8 or ISO-8859-1 will both be fully ANSI if only the  
> standard ASCII chars are used, i.e. no ü, ã, é, etc.

hmm, for my case I'm needing the 256 values in the chart. I'm noticing  
that there are differences between mac, xp and ubuntu, but can't tell  
exactly where/what is the cause for it.

> For converting, I like moocow/any2bytes and moocow/bytes2any.

I think I had a look at it as well. do you have any comparative reason for  
that one instead of the other? or it was just the first one to get to you?

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