[PD] ubuntu/ubuntustudio 10.10 pd pd-extended?

J. Simon van der Walt tedthetrumpet at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 09:37:37 CET 2011

I've installed ubuntu 10.10 on my netbook, and on top of that the
audio packages from ubuntustudio. This is working well. For Pd,
however, I *think* what I have is a vanilla installation, rather than
extended, which I would like. In Synapctic Package Manager I can see I
have puredata 0.42.6-1build1 plus a version of gem, but I can't seem
to see anything in Synaptic which looks like Pd extended. Do I have to
add a software source or something?

Alternatively, on http://puredata.info/downloads I see a link to:


Should I download that instead? Should I remove the existing installation?

(Please excuse the perhaps slightly naive 'now-click-here' tone of
this question: it's deliberate. So far I've managed to get this
machine installed and running the way I want it without using the
terminal once, just coming at it like I would on the mac or pc. I'm
trying to keep going on ubuntu sticking to this policy, partly just to
prove whether or not it can be done...)


J. Simon van der Walt - Composer
+44 (0) 7905 270 198

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