[PD] Am I alone?

ailo ailo.at at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 14:00:00 CET 2011

There's so many cases where these questions can never be generalized, so
I find it's pretty much impossible to discuss music in a general
fashion. Can we even define what music is?
For me, I would define music as how I interpret sound, no matter what
produces it. The music is real when I hear it, feel it, or think it.

I think it's ok to have a personal moral view of what music should or
should not be. For me, when you have a sense of what is right and wrong
in music, that is a sort of morality. Trying to convince others of your
views makes it political. Inquiring others about their views can make
you understand yours better.

I have had similar views to Josh's, but even so, I was sometimes labeled
as a part of an "elite" because of my musical interests. Who decides
what is elite?
People are different and have different experiences, so we value things
differently. Again, morale. What is better or worse, what is right and
wrong? What is meaningful, and what is not?
Some claim not to have a moral standpoint to music, but I don't believe
them :). Accepting other viewpoints is good for diversity, but it
doesn't mean you can't have your own.

In my experience, basing your music on rational moralic standpoints can
be restrictive to the point that you are choked. Maybe for someone else,
that is a way to get organized?
Making music can be a huge task, with very complex problems involved, on
many levels, physical, rational, spiritual, political. Where to start,
how to do it.
In the beginning, usually, we all just do it, without thinking. Then, we
all do, in different ways, some sort of an intellectual journey, for any
number of reasons, to learn and to improve our skills at making music.
Everyone has their own drive, what makes them interested, and how they
want to explore the things they enjoy.

I've more and more been going to that direction again, just doing it.
Now, the difference is, I feel convinced that what I am doing is right
for me, which was always extremely important for me.

Maybe that is what you seek, Josh? Getting convinced of your own
opinions. Or are you just questioning why others have theirs?


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