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Thanks, Phil!

I believe not. It's very simple.  

Hardware: six infrared distance sensors (to directly control several parameters), and two proximity sensors. 

Software: a simple granular synthesis implementation, a reverb and two delay modules (one for each output of the stereo)

Basically you control directly some synthesis parameters, reverb and delay levels. 

There's a "score" system to make some pre-programed changes (it changes the samples used during the performance and some delay parameters)

The proximity sensors turns on and off a second synthesis layer (a kind of automated buffered granular synthesis) which is created while you're playing.

Also, you can control how quick the sensors respond to the gestures.


I guess that's all.


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Very nice! Have you discussed the Zin here before? If not, what is going on there?

Phil Stone

On 3/1/11 8:15 AM, Eduardo Patricio wrote: 

>>          Hello, list!
>>          Two more videos:
>http://vimeo.com/20464262 - Wii stuff + Pd
>http://vimeo.com/20464964 - Zin (arduino based) + Pd
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