[PD] How to capture sound & video from Pd/Gem

Mitchell Turner mmturner2468 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 00:51:58 CET 2011

You may find some things that will help in the patches by Max Neupert.  Though his patches keep the audio and video as separate files, the techniques work well.  


The files on Motion detection (17-documentation.pd in particular) and Audiovisual programming may help out.  

Hope this is helpful,

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> Hi List,
> does anybody know a good (working) way to capture audio and video from Pd/Gem
> under linux?
> So far i tried using glc-capture, which gives good video results, but refuses to
> record any sound at all. glc-capture should work with alsa, but it only outputs
> error messages like this: snd_pcm_open (input): Device or resource busy or [
> 33.15s alsa_capture error ] initialization failed: Invalid argument ...
> markus

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