[PD] iemlib low pass filters exhibiting jitter?

Luka Princic // Nova deViator nova at deviator.si
Wed Mar 2 17:25:37 CET 2011


just a quick question, 
is it normal or somewhat on purpose that all versions of low pass
filters in iemlib (from lp2 - lp10 and cheb, butt, bess and crit)
exhibit slight high pitched jitter when cutoff frequency is being
dynamicly changed? is it a nature of such filter or just a type of
implementation that somewhat doesn't take care of interpolation (if
interpolation is a problem at all)?

any thoughts welcome...

is there a way i could avoid that jitter with these filters?

is there some other high-pole low pass filter in some other library i
could use?

sure, i can always use series of [lop~] ..

best, luka

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