[PD] iemlib low pass filters exhibiting jitter?

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Wed Mar 2 20:33:22 CET 2011

I'm having the same problem. It's like a zipper noise that you can't avoid
no matter what interpolation time you set. If you set it to 150 ms or above
it works. But how can you have fast attacks like that?
At the moment I am changing interpolation times after the initial attack
time of the envelope generator. So I got rid of most of it. But still some
noise during the attack period.

Moog filter has audio ins. That one works a lot better but has a rather
fixed, predefined (but good) sound.


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> hi,
> just a quick question,
> is it normal or somewhat on purpose that all versions of low pass
> filters in iemlib (from lp2 - lp10 and cheb, butt, bess and crit)
> exhibit slight high pitched jitter when cutoff frequency is being
> dynamicly changed? is it a nature of such filter or just a type of
> implementation that somewhat doesn't take care of interpolation (if
> interpolation is a problem at all)?
> any thoughts welcome...
> is there a way i could avoid that jitter with these filters?
> is there some other high-pole low pass filter in some other library i
> could use?
> sure, i can always use series of [lop~] ..
> best, luka
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