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Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
Thu Mar 3 17:43:56 CET 2011

Hi Nick,

On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 11:37 AM, Nick Burge <nburge at virginmedia.com> wrote:

>  Remains a mystery for the time being....I installed the ttf-bitstream-vera
> font via synaptic which was not actually installed before, but without the
> -font-face Monaco flag it still crashed...

I see, I can't imagine why is that. It seems related to Xfont package and
its configuration. Anyways, I'm happy you can use the software.

Meanwhile your patch/program is really great. Fantastic realtime audio
> processes, but problematical when using video ... as soon as I open a gem
> window audio starts to break up. To stop audio from breaking up on my laptop
> I've had to hack the C[]NTR[]L patch into seperate audio and video patches,
> and running 2 simultaneous instances of pd one for audio and one for video,
> sending the note bangs via OSC/udp from one instance to the other.  Not sure
> why one should have to do this, but it works perfectly like that. Maybe you
> know an easier way??

Thanks Nick.
Ok, yes that's an issue which should be solved using a real time kernel. At
least I don't have this problem here with -rt flag and rt kernel. But it
probably depends on the machine capabilities.
What you described is usually good practice when working with real time
audio+video processing in Pd. I believe there should be several threads
about this topic here on the list.

However, I have to admit the C[]NTR[]L application featuring audio-to-video
OSC communication was in the pipeline for long time, but then the project
forked into a more interesting (at least for me) framework, which I'm
developing now.

Best wishes,
and have fun!


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