[PD] To divide a number in random parts

Caio Barros caio.barros at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 04:55:47 CET 2011

> I thought that you had said that the unit of time is the second. That's how
> I interpreted "quarter = 60". If you don't want this nor any other related
> basis such as 120 divisions or 240 divisions, why did you say "quarter = 60"
> at all ?
Yes the tempo is quarter = 60, but this doesn't mean that I want the chords
with durations in rounded seconds. What I was thinking is to make a
transposition from a duration (say 3,57s) into musical figures, thats why is
easy for me to use quarter = 60. Another thing is that the interpreter will
have a pulsation basis so (s)he can read the music more easily, but it will
not sound like regular pulsations,
Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, I think maybe 1/100 of a second is a good
time basis, I can and will need to make some approximations of the musical
figures, so the interpreter won't have to lose his/her hair studying a 48s

Caio Barros
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