[PD] How to capture sound & video from Pd/Gem

chr quenotte at gmx.de
Fri Mar 4 11:16:21 CET 2011

Am 01.03.2011 22:29, schrieb Markus Demmel:
> Hi List,
> does anybody know a good (working) way to capture audio and video from Pd/Gem
> under linux?
hi markus

i give it out in images with [pix_write] and soundfile with [writesf~]
the tif images i animate with
ffmpeg for ex.:

  ffmpeg -f gem%05d.tif -b 800k test.avi

(but i have better experience with mencoder for doing this)
mencoder fex.:

  mencoder "mf://*.tif" -mf fps=25 -o test.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts 

and than i bring the movie and the audio-files together with ffmpeg f.ex:

  ffmpeg -i test.avi -i sound.aiff -vcodec copy -async 10 -ab 128k 

hmm.... thats my way to do it (but always with different 
parameters...i'm a newby in it and experiment always).
hope it helps a little

for me it's fine cause it is scriptable and with the [shell]- object i 
directly can integrate it into my patch
> So far i tried using glc-capture, which gives good video results, but refuses to
> record any sound at all. glc-capture should work with alsa, but it only outputs
> error messages like this: snd_pcm_open (input): Device or resource busy or [
> 33.15s alsa_capture error ] initialization failed: Invalid argument ...
> markus
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