[PD] expr family bug?

Moritz Schell moritz.schell at uni-weimar.de
Fri Mar 4 14:54:46 CET 2011

Hey Folks,

I have a strange problem using the [expr] object:

I wrote an expr with If-arguments in it to range values.
First I tried it with 5 lines of If-arguments an everything worked fine.
Than I tried to get more If-arguments into the expr to get better  
results BUT after 9 if-arguments everything crashes: Pd closes  
immediatly and when I reopen and try to change something in the expr  
Pd crasches again. Even if I try to erase lines out of the expr ->  

I tried it on other Computers with the same result...

I'm quite confused...

Are the Objects limited to a specific number of signs/rows/arguments?  
Any ideas?

By the way: I'm using Pd 0.42.5-extended

I added two examples with 5 lines and 9 lines of if-arguments...

Thanks for any help!!!

best regards


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