[PD] To divide a number in random parts

Matt Barber brbrofsvl at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 03:27:22 CET 2011

> I'm not shure if I understood that. You mean that if I set the "nuber of
> subdivisions per beat" as 10 I can't set the number of beats to, say 8,255?
> As far as user's responsibility goes, it doesn't make sense to input
> negative numbers, yet it is possible.

I think we're saying the same thing, if you're using the comma the way
americans use the dot for indicating decimal; did 8,255 mean "8 +

Briefly -- it means that if I set the "subdivisions" to 4 (i.e. the
"rhythms" will be quantized to "sixteenth notes"), I will not be able
to generate something that lasts a total of 25.2 beats, since 25.2 is
quantized to 5 subdivisions per beat ("sixteenth-note quintuplets).


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