[PD] starting [pd~] causes: tcl: /usr/lib/bin/pd.tk: can't open script

John Harrison johnharrisonwsu at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 14:04:16 CET 2011

When I send [start( to [pd~] I get "tcl: /usr/lib/bin/pd.tk: can't open
script" in the command window.

since /usr/lib/bin/pd.tk didn't exist I tried
ln -s /usr/lib/pd-extended/bin/pd.tk /usr/lib/bin/pd.tk

still no go. I had also been getting other variations of file not found for
watchdog and pd-gui but symbolic links appeared to fix those:
ln -s /usr/lib/pd-extended/bin/pd-watchdog /usr/lib/bin/.
ln -s /usr/lib/pd-extended/bin/pd-gui /usr/lib/bin/pd-gui

pd 0.42.5-extended downloaded as a binary from the pd site, running on
ubuntu Maverick

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