[PD] Toughts on PD vs. Max stability on macintels on, analogindustries.com

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Tue Mar 8 09:34:51 CET 2011

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On 2011-03-08 00:43, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> I guess you don't work in anything but 44100 sampling rates.  I have
> done projects that use 22050 and 48k, and both won't work right unless
> the sampling rate is set correctly.  Therefore its an essential property
> of the patch.

hmm, most patches should be stable with regard to sample rate.
so a patch that only works at 22kHz, could be considered buggy.

otoh, i guess you are aware of that, and it indeed was hard to create a
sample-rate agnostic version of the patch without going through ugly
hacks (most likely: soundfiles recorded at specific sr, and no built-in
capabilities of Pd to resample)

finally: i've done plenty of patches that won't work at all if you only
have stereo-output.

personally i don't know whether it is a good idea to force a patch from
within the patch to run at certain settings.
the user usually has a better idea of the capabilities of their hardware
then the off-site developer.

the mediasettings library provides a programmatic way to change the
settings, with possible userinteraction.
the main target was to allow to implement persistent audio settings
using alternative GUIs, rather than persistent audio settings when
moving patches between hosts.

mediasettings has been developed for the IntegraLive project; there has
been long discussion within the project whether audio-settings should be
Patch specific or host specific (and i cannot remember the outcome).

i guess one should only try to set the parameters that are crucial (e.g.
if you know that your patch will only run at 92kHz, only try to set the
samplerate but don't try to change the device)
mediasettings allows is (well it's designed to allow it; i hope it does)

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