[PD] pix_film frame control offset 8 MacOsX

Matthias Neuenhofer matthias at neuenhofer.de
Sun Mar 20 20:02:55 CET 2011

Dear list,

i recognized that pix_film have an offset of 8 when trigger with frame number on 2. inlet.
When video is loaded the 1. frame is visible and stay sending 1 - 8. Number 9 render the 
2. frame, 10 the 3. frame … but i can´t get back the 1. frame this is only shown up with loading.
It´s also not possible to get the last 7 frames.
The length of the video in the console is printed correct when opened.

Can somebody confirm this. I´m working on MAc OsX 10.6.6 and tried pd-extended 0.43,
0.41rc4 and latest 0.42. all the same behavior. Can´t remember on which version of MacOs
it worked correct last.

For easy testing here a 100 frame mov counting 0-99


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