[PD] Compiling Pd external using Codeblocks on Windows

J bz jbeezez at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 20:18:33 CET 2011

Hey Lorenzo,

Yes indeed you did, and very grateful I am too.

And thank you for the outline tutorial as well.  Will have another crack at
using Codeblocks when I have more time.  I need to get into this, it's a
gaping hole in my expanding Pd knowledge.

Very best wishes


On 19 March 2011 18:00, Lorenzo Sutton <lsutton at libero.it> wrote:

> Julian,
> I sent you a 'windows' zip with the project and already compiled dll
> answering to your previous private email... I had to re-send as I got a
> google network error hope it arrived allright.
> Anyway I'll write here what I know for further reference on the list. (This
> worked on windows xp I have no idea if it would on vista, 7 etc.)
> J bz wrote:
>> Hi peeps,
>> Wondering if anyone has experience of using Codeblocks to compile an
>> external for Windows?
>> Lorenzo Sutton has very kindly forwarded me an external he has made for
>> quad panning using Chowning's methodology which I really like.
>> In the package he forwarded to me, he says that all the code is there for
>> building in windows using codeblocks.
> - you have to have mingw (thus gcc for windows) installed and configured
> correctly in codeblocks (just see if a helloworld.c compiles ok)
> - you have to add the complete path to where the m_pd.h (from the source
> distribution) is
> - In the project settings you have to set the target to library (it should
> add .dll to the filename automatically)
> - you have to add the file pd.lib in the linker options. For some reason
> this only worked with the path set to *absolute*
> That's it. Build and if everything is ok you should have the dll in the
> build target directory.
>> I have had a quick go in Puredyne with it but I require a Windows version
>> for a piece next week.
>> I have zero experience of compiling on any platform and don't really know
>> where to get started.  I'm aware there are a couple of tutorials knocking
>> around on the pd & hurleur sites but going through them last night made my
>> teeth hurt.  I found a couple of Codeblocks tutorials but the .dll files I
>> made from them of the external don't work.
>> I'm sure that if I had a couple of days with nothing else on I could get
>> to grips with this but I don't.  What I do have is a looming deadline
>> though!
>> I attach Lorenzo's external (Lorenzo if this is a problem please contact
>> me asap)
> No problem the external is GPL.
>> Btw, I have the Codeblocks version with MinGW and the GCC compiler.
> Best,
> Lorenzo.
>> Cheers,
>> Julian
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