[PD] Compiling Pd external using Codeblocks on Windows

Lorenzo Sutton lsutton at libero.it
Sun Mar 20 20:21:01 CET 2011


patko wrote:
> hello,
>   what is the advantage of using codeblocks for compiling pd and externals?
> Why not just using msys like explained in puredata.info tutorial?
To be honest no real advantage/disadvantage, for that project (which 
various people worked on as I explained in earlier emails) codeblocks 
was chosen, as the only linux user in the team I pushed for it against 
visial studio so that at least i could use it as well. Many people 
(including myself in the past) feel more combfortable with an IDE but of 
course anyone is free to use whatever they prefer.

> ----- "J bz"<jbeezez at gmail.com>  a écrit :
>> Hi peeps,
>> Wondering if anyone has experience of using Codeblocks to compile an
>> external for Windows?
>> Lorenzo Sutton has very kindly forwarded me an external he has made
>> for quad panning using Chowning's methodology which I really like.
>> In the package he forwarded to me, he says that all the code is there
>> for building in windows using codeblocks.
>> I have had a quick go in Puredyne with it but I require a Windows
>> version for a piece next week.
>> I have zero experience of compiling on any platform and don't really
>> know where to get started. I'm aware there are a couple of tutorials
>> knocking around on the pd&  hurleur sites but going through them last
>> night made my teeth hurt. I found a couple of Codeblocks tutorials but
>> the .dll files I made from them of the external don't work.
>> I'm sure that if I had a couple of days with nothing else on I could
>> get to grips with this but I don't. What I do have is a looming
>> deadline though!
>> I attach Lorenzo's external (Lorenzo if this is a problem please
>> contact me asap)
>> Btw, I have the Codeblocks version with MinGW and the GCC compiler.
>> Cheers,
>> Julian
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