[PD] math + music examples

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Wed Mar 23 12:24:43 CET 2011


Joe wrote:
> hello
> i am trying to come up with some examples to use in a short workshop
> with 11 year old kids using maths to make sound and music

Very basic :
Multiply/divide a frequency by 2, get an octave up/down.
Add/substract at the hertz level to tune/detune a sound.
Show how notes don't have an equal size in a scale (without talking
about 12th root). It's also a good time to introduce equal temperament
and the damage done :).
Add two or more sines to create a beating. (see A08.beating.pd)

Also get a acoustic instrument with you to prove it's not about computer
magic. With a guitar you can show the different fret spaces and detune the
instrument to produce nice beatings.

good luck with the new generation :)


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