[PD] Am I alone?

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> >> The "mysterious skill" meaning of art is closer to
> the
> >> original meaning of the word. "Tech" is a greek
> word that
> >> means "Art"... etc. But university artists tend to
> ignore
> >> this use of the word... it's foreign to them.
> Their art-word
> >> is about Duchamp and John Cage and stuff.
> > 
> > Your feedback loop seems unnecessarily strict. 
> If Romantic period composers found a way to give Mozart an
> honorary membership, surely you can find an inlet for
> something by Cage in your feedback loop.
> But what do you know about my feedback loop ?

Well, the evidence offered that university artists tend toward a 
particular conception of art is that Duchamp and Cage are found there, 
implying that where you find _them_ you find that conception.  So I'd 
venture to guess that your feedback loop excludes them-- otherwise you 
wouldn't be essentializing them by using their names as broad 
opposition to the "mysterious skill".

Cage wrote a lot of different kinds of music.


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